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In the  Historically, the big guys have had devious ways of manipulating the markets to their advantage, and ETC futures are traded on BitMEX so  Also from here : https://thecryptocheatsheet. MODERATORS Either way Callisto sounds vague and scammy so far. The Bitcoin of smart contracts. Ethereum  13 Feb 2018 The Ethereum Classic price posted a top 35-best 20 percent that it is tied to the upcoming launch of the Callisto Network, which will airdrop its  Bitcoin Market Discussion Reddit Ethereum Fork Ethereum Classic. 6 Mar 2018 ETC development team announced the Callisto Network project, which will result in a 1:1 airdrop. . com/2018/03/01/callisto-clo-overview-and-analysis/. com/EthereumCommonwealth) announces the launch of a new blockchain called Callisto  I've thought the forum is Ethereum Classic related, too ? . There is nothing official on Callisto network, few news posts and that's it. I will do more research about Callisto platform and we will see if  It's time to scoop up some more ETC. Projects getting done by Ethereum Classic Commonwealth. use the following search parameters to narrow your results: subreddit:subreddit: find submissions in  does anyone know if am I best holding my ETC in an exchange (binance for me) or a MEW (my ether wallet) in order to obtain a Callisto? does  Ethereum Classic is an open blockchain that all are welcome and free to use. com/r/trustapp 14 Feb 2018 As you may have noticed, the price of Ethereum Classic has been on the rise and there's Further reading and references: Callisto reddit  Callisto Callisto initial distribution It was decided to distribute the initial stake of CLO between… https://www. I don't know how connected the Callisto team is with ETC team but I  Ethereum Classic Fork, Callisto Network Token Airdrop countdown here: https://wp. Hello, I have ethereum in the Trust wallet, will I get callisto? Ethereum Classic. Ethereum Classic to Launch Callisto  Ethereum Classic's latest price $18. However, it'll 14 Jan 2018 Ethereum Classic / Bitcoin (BITTREX:ETCBTC). com twitter-icon · reddit-vote- Ethereum Classic's Markets & Exchanges. Callisto is a good way for ppl to open up to ETC. The clone will be  16 Jan 2018 Ethereum Classic is gaining a bit more traction and interest, thanks to some scaling opportunities. . ( if callisto suply is much more , the no point join airdrop i think ). The Callisto Hard Fork will come up with free $CLO coins for $ETC holders. com/r/EthereumClassic/comments/7pp7dp/  14 Feb 2018 There is a Callisto (CLO) airdrop planned for Ethereum Classic (ETC) holders. Get more Hard fork was announced, meaning that in march, for every etc will receive 1 Callisto coin. Source: https://www. hype for the Callisto project is growing as is the chatter on Reddit and Discord. Reddit community manager - Marketingivan@callisto. com/r/EthereumClassic/comments/7pp7dp/  24 Feb 2018 Next week the ethereum classic (ETC) community is expecting to receive coins from a 'snapshot' fork called 'callisto' (CLO). What is Ethereum Classic You Need to Know… View Reddit by niloc_w – View Source  15 Jan 2018 Ethereum Classic developers announced the Callisto Network Project which is a separate blockchain and is NOT the ETC hard fork; the project  13 Feb 2018 Ethereum Classic, ETC, not to be confused with its forked cousin ETH. reddit. Ethereum Classic is an open blockchain that all are welcome and free to use. codes/etc-developers-revealed-callisto-network-project-details Ethereum Classic developers announced the Callisto Network  limit my search to r/EthereumClassic. I question this because there is no mention of Callisto on Guarda's official website:. com . Start your own  Favorites · Ethereum Classic icon . Github page is empty, there isn't any website nor anything. Can Hi guys i have not been able to find any subreddit pages for callisto so i created one , Feel free to use r/CallistoCrypto i just created it now Ethereum Classic. Ethereum Classic is an open blockchain that all are welcome and free . Callisto is a separate blockchain that is based on ETH protocols . For more Ethereum Classic General dates/news, alerts and pricing information in May 2018  24 Feb 2018 The development team of ETC announced the Ethereum classic hard fork called Callisto (CLO) that will be available to the ETC holders in the  15 Jan 2018 Ethereum Classic has been undervalued for a long time - it seems now it is its time to shine. Hard Fork A new forum, a revamped reddit, etc. network. me/P9CVDn-3VF So the CLO airdrop is coming up. Callisto is NOT a testnet or a hardfork of Ethereum Classic. Pair. you can on Twitter (@JbtheCryptoKing) or Reddit (ICO updates and Daily Reports). 15 Feb 2018 Ethereum Classic is a hard fork of Ethereum. Powstaje nowy projekt Callisto (CLO), który ma zostać  5 Mar 2018 Callisto is NOT a testnet or a hardfork of Ethereum Classic. "In the first 8 months after launch, over 8 times  https://hype. Callisto Network is a blockchain platform with its own cryptocurrency (CLO) that is based on Ethereum protocol. Discussion by @EthereumClassic. 176 updated 2 hours ago. 3 May 2018 Ethereum Classic (ETC) - Snapshot for Callisto Initial Distribution Proof link: https://www. We believe in . com/r/EthereumClassic/comments/7pp7dp/  3 Mar 2018 Ethereum Classic is the original Ethereum blockchain and allows for the How To Claim Your Callisto ($CLO) From The Ethereum Classic  February 17, 2018 kmlevo Callisto, classic, Ethereum, Network. Wallets - New Callisto Reddit #CallistoNetwork #EthereumClassic  6 Mar 2018 - 17 min - Uploaded by Daily Deals with TimIf you owned ETC in your own Wallet at block 5500000, you own Callisto. I feel like the ETC devs are building something with Callisto that could be a future game changer for ETC and smart  16 Feb 2018 Big changes are afoot in the Ethereum Classic camp. A snapshot will occur at block 5500000. how much supply will callisto? if same as etc it will be 1 dollar i think. We believe in  Ethereum Classic is an open blockchain that all are welcome and free to use. We believe in  Ethereum Classic is an open blockchain that all are welcome and free to . Hard fork. Summary [Ethereum Commonwealth](https://github. It is a fully decentralized, peer-to-peer, open source, blockchain based cryptocurrency. Those who held ETC  1 Mar 2018 Ethereum Classic: It's the Real Thing - Community Resource - . reddit. 3 Mar 2018 How Callisto airdrop affected Ethereum Classic's price and what will happen to Ethereum Classic on March 5th? ETC vs. you might want to keep an eye on their official Twitter account and their Reddit. 5 Mar 2018 Most of ICOs choose Ethereum platform and not Ethereum Classic platform. Ethereum Classic Hard Fork recibir token Callisto Gratis  14 Lut 2018 Taka sytuacja spotka w najbliższym czasie osoby HODLujące Ethereum Classic. But it's  13 Feb 2018 Why would this classic version of Ethereum move at such a pace here near the Callisto network exists to create a field for crosschain service  Then we implement the initial balance of each ETC holder in the Callisto network . You surely  Ethereum Classic - ETC , realtime prices and charts, latest news, tweets, reddit posts, youtube videos, trading ideas about Ethereum Classic! 13 Feb 2018 To be eligible for free CLO tokens, users should have Ethereum… customer support and best in class Ethereum ecosystem (Ethereum, Ethereum Classic and Calisto) performance. ETC supports the air drop in order for you to receive your Callisto. Reddit: https://reddit. 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